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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Prostate Cancer is cancer of the prostate gland, a part of the male reproductive system. About 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, and it is more prevalent in older and African American men. Prostate cancer clinical trials are principal in advancing diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of prostate cancer and can also help your prognosis.

By participating in a clinical trial, you receive nonconventional and unique treatment that is being studied for wider use amongst cancer patients. Massive Bio helps you find, qualify for and enroll in clinical trials that are right for your case and near to your home, enlisting the assistance of specialists, clinical nurses and patient advocates to manage your cancer care case and ensure you get the care you deserve.

Effects of Prostate Cancer

Treatment Side Effects
Due to the location of prostate cancer, treatment can lead to certain side effects in the general region such as urinary disfunction, erectile dysfunction and bowel dysfunction.
Discomforting Symptoms
Symptoms that can be a possible indication of prostate cancer include blood in the urine or semen, erectile dysfunction, trouble urinating, weakness or numbness of the legs and feet, and general pain of the hips, back or chest.
Possible Risk Factors
Some factors that may come with increased risk of developing prostate cancer include being over the age of 50, having a family history of prostatic cancer, inheriting gene mutations of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes or having Lynch syndrome.

Why Join A Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials may offer the best treatment for your specific prostate cancer case because you receive specialized care and observation from medical experts, as well as receive new treatment and procedures that have yet to be implemented in standard treatment.

By joining a prostate cancer clinical trial, you are accessing these new opportunities for treatment, as well as helping improve research and treatments for future prostate cancer patients. Clinical trials offer a renewed hope for you and future prostate cancer patients.

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    Find Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

    Virtual Tool
    Our Clinical Trial Matching System is an online tool that delivers you a report of clinical trials right for your case, and allows you to get all the information you need without any need for travel until the enrollment process is complete.
    Pre-screening for Prostate Cancer Trials
    We help you find the best prostate cancer clinical trials for your cancer case by pre-screening you for the active trials near you. Your report will contain trials that you’re eligible for near your home.
    You Are Our Priority
    Our number one priority to provide cancer patients with a positive outcome. We make sure that the clinical trial that is chosen is the most beneficial to you.
    With You Every Step of the Way
    Throughout your matching, qualifying and enrolling process, a patient advocate will be there to guide you through every step and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • We request your medical records through fax to be reviewed
    • Expect your results to be delivered by email in 7-10 business days after we’ve received your medical records
    • A patient advocate will discuss the results with you and answer any questions
    • There’s no need to travel to a clinical trial site until you are enrolled in the trial
    You will receive your initial clinical trial matches in 24 hours. Once you send your medical records to us, you will get a more detailed report in 7-10 business days.
    A case manager will reach out to discuss the enrollment process with you and answer any of your questions or concerns. We are dedicated to making sure you understand the process and feel comfortable with enrollment. Once a decision is made, we will take the following steps:
    • Confirm trial and insurance eligibility
    • Forward medical records to the clinical site
    • Resolve financial assistant issues
    • Schedule your first appointment